Not sure about how our bitcoin betting affiliate program works? You'll find all the answers here.

How long has Cloudbet been in operation for?

Cloudbet.com is a cryptocurrency casino and sportsbook that has been in operation since 2013.

Where is Cloudbet located?

Cloudbet is a licensed cryptocurrency betting site under both E-Gambling Montenegro and Curaçao eGaming with global support offices.

Why promote Cloudbet to users?

Established in 2013, Cloudbet is the world’s leading bitcoin sportsbook and casino platform, fully licensed and regulated with satisfied customers in over 100 countries.

The Cloudbet bitcoin sportsbook offers unbeatable value odds and unrivalled betting limits of up to 36 BTC. Players can enjoy pre-game and live bitcoin betting on a huge range of sports including the NFL, NBA, UFC, MLB, and Premier League, with on average 30 markets per event.

Cloudbet bitcoin casino features all your favourite games, including bitcoin slots, video poker, roulette, blackjack and baccarat along with a newly redesigned Live Casino offering users the most authentic, real-life casino experience. Players can choose from over 65 live dealer tables, including an immediate seating feature – no waiting required!

The wide range of markets and games on offer, combined with the platform’s state-of-the-art functionality, make Cloudbet the obvious choice for the keen sports or casino bitcoin bettor.

What is the Cloudbet Affiliate Program?

You refer players to Cloudbet.com and we pay you commissions based on a percentage of the activity of the players you have referred to us.

How do I refer a player to Cloudbet?

You can promote Cloudbet to your audience, friends or family on your website, blog, social posts or by simply sharing your unique referral link which you receive from your affiliate account after you have registered. When these players sign up to Cloudbet, you will earn a lifetime commission on their wagers.

How can I become a Cloudbet Affiliate?

You can join the Cloudbet Affiliate Program by signing up here. It only takes a minute and you’ll be ready to go!

Will it cost me anything to become an Affiliate?

No, joining the program is completely free.

Do I need to provide my personal details?

You only need to provide your email address. No other personal details are needed in order for you to register.

How can I use Cloudbet banners?

Simply go to the Media section to find a selection of Cloudbet banners. Click on “Get Code”, and copy and paste your unique link into your site.

Can I request custom banners?

Of course! Drop us an email at affiliates@cloudbet.com with your specs, and target audience.

Does Cloudbet have an odds API that Affiliates can use?

Cloudbet’s odds API offers instant access to our odds, putting real-time data directly in front of potential players to help you drive more traffic, and increase your earnings! Email affiliates@cloudbet.com and request your feed!

How is a new player linked to me?

Our tracking and analytics software is second-to-none, we attribute player referrals using cookie tracking, and by using a referral link unique to you and your affiliate account.

Cloudbet affiliate cookies have a duration of 30 days. If you aren’t clear how cookie tracking works please refer to this article.

If I have multiple websites, should I create separate accounts?

You only need one account, if you wish to track the performance of multiple websites.

Our affiliate platform allows you to add UTM tracking codes to enable attribution of conversions to specific buttons, campaigns, banners or websites.

Can I create an affiliate account without having a website?

Yes, of course! There are many different channels where you can effectively promote Cloudbet without actually having your own website – Facebook, Twitter, Ad Networks, or popular Forums such as Bitcointalk.

What is a Sub Affiliate?

A sub-affiliate is a new affiliate which is referred by an existing affiliate of Cloudbet Affiliates. Existing affiliates can refer new affiliates via their unique sub-affiliate link, which can be found in the ‘Sub Affiliate” section when logged in.

Once your referred affiliate has signed up, you can achieve additional earnings for every customer that your sub-affiliate refers to us.

We pay 5% of your sub affiliate earnings.

You can view the number of sub-affiliates you have recruited, the no of players that have signed up through them and the earnings you have gained from them within your affiliate account


What commissions do you offer?

All new affiliates are placed on a 30% revenue share scheme when they join Cloudbet.

If you joined prior to 28/11/2019 your default commission was set as a hybrid commission scheme of 30% commission paid on all revenue generated through our casino and live casino, and 0.2% of all turnover volume through our sportsbook.

What are the terms of the default Hybrid Revenue Share?

30% commission paid on all revenue generated through our casino and live casino, and 0.2% of all turnover volume through our sportsbook. Once you have reached the 5-depositing player minimum you can ask to be placed on a full Revshare scheme by contacting your affiliate manager.

What are the terms of the Revenue Share offer?

30% commission paid on all revenue generated across our sportsbook, casino and live casino for the lifetime of your players.

How do I calculate my commission?

Whenever a player wagers money on Cloudbet, you will earn a percentage of that player’s wager. Commission is paid for the full lifetime of all referred players.

Full Rev Share: Commission = (30% of all revenue generated - 30% of all bonuses credited)

How do handle Bitcoin Cash Commission?

Commission generated from Bitcoin Cash activity will be converted in real time into BTC and will display in your affiliate reporting as BTC.

What about bonuses and cashback?

Our VIP Team proactively reward players bonuses and cashback rewards to retain and increase the lifetime value of these players, to earn you more!

Bonuses: Cloudbet deducts the affiliate’s commission percentage of the bonus from the affiliate’s balance.

How can I monitor my performance?

We provide a custom-built, easy-to-use interface, designed specifically to allow our affiliates to easily review and optimise their accounts with real-time data to maximise performance. All affiliates are granted access and given login details to this interface upon registering.

Is the data up-to-date?

Our affiliate interface displays real-time data.


How do I get paid for being an affiliate?

You will earn commission on all your players activity as soon as the bet is confirmed. You can then withdraw from your affiliate account.

How quickly are withdrawals processed?

The vast majority of withdrawals are processed instantly by the affiliate team. However, in some cases involving very large amounts, an affiliate’s withdrawal might require a manual approval due to a flag raised by our payments team.

This is simply a part of fraud prevention due diligence and will not prevent 99% of withdrawals from going through. In all cases we aim to process withdrawals as soon as possible.

Why is my account in a negative balance?

Winning players

Commission is earned from losing wagers. If a bet comes in, we also share this result. Your commission balance is impacted by both the losses and the wins, you might lose in the short term, but chances are you would win in the long run.

Bonus rewards

Our VIP team will reward your players to generate a greater lifetime revenue. The cost of these bonuses will be shared between Cloudbet and affiliates so we can attract and retain high-value players, and earn our affiliate partners more lifetime commission!

Does a negative balance affect my withdrawals?

Yes, a negative balance may result in a delay in your withdrawal being approved – you can always message our affiliate team if you have any questions regarding this: affiliates@ cloudbet.com.

If a player wins, does the negative balance carry over to the next month?

We do not reset negative balances, so these do carry over from month to month.

How much can I earn as an affiliate?

Cloudbet does not limit the amount of bitcoin an affiliate can earn. This is a partnership, the more players you refer and the more they play, the more you will earn.