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Bitcoin 101

We believe cryptocurrencies are the future of both money and betting, but if you are used to gambling with traditional (fiat) money, and find them a bit of a mystery then our Bitcoin 101 is a great place to start.

You can find out everything from how Bitcoin works, to what a Bitcoin wallet is, and where to buy Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. If you feel out of your depth, don’t worry, you’ll see be comfortable in this exciting new world once you learn the basics and realise the benefits of Bitcoin gambling.

Bitcoin Gambling Guide

You may understand how Bitcoin works, and hopefully own some, but do you understand how Bitcoin gambling works, and the distinct advantages it offers over traditional methods?

Our Bitcoin gambling guide not only gives you everything you need to know to start betting with Bitcoin, it should hopefully be enough convince anyone new to betting with crypto to try it.

Betting Strategy

It doesn’t matter if you bet with Bitcoin, Euros, matchsticks or skins, the basic principle is the same, and so are the basic strategies required to be successful. Our betting strategy section covers the most common from Kelly Criterion to Expected Value. It might feel like day one at betting school, but if you want to turn a profit, this is where your education begins.

In-depth Event Previews

Betting is essentially about having an opinion, and backing it with money. How you reach that opinion depends on where you get your information, and the Cloudbet blog preview section can certainly offer a perspective worth considering.

Whether you’re a UFC junkie or a tennis disciple, we have an opinion that can help inform your bets. We feel our writers are experts in their field, but if you disagree, we’d love to have a discussion via our Twitter feed or on forums like Reddit or Bitcointalk.

In the Cloud

The Cloud blog is designed to cover the fundamental themes of betting and bitcoin and how they compliment each other. There is, however, so much to both themes that it would be a shame not to aim a little higher.

In the Cloud makes that leap, examining more complex, unusual and challenging aspects of both subjects, learning from the past, looking to the future and investigating concepts that bring light, colour and a bit of humour to the worlds of crypto, betting and the areas they overlap

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